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The patented product can be manufactured from any material, which is then cuffed over the bottleneck of any bottle. Often the bottle, especially when containing high-value drinks (Champagne…), are kept cold in a cooler. To dry the condensation on the bottle, and to avoid contact when pouring the bottle contents, a bottle-cloth can be tied around the bottle. It isn’t unusual that a cloth could simply lie in the cooler or on the table, which leads to a waste of the advertisement. We offer the ultimate solution for this problem and at the same time an innovative advertising medium, where the drinking experience and the advertisement message awareness is multiplied. Bottle-Cloth -simply genius -ingeniously simple. The Bottle-Cloth, can fundamentally be made out of any material, however is advised to use Damask fabric, due to its high quality.

The Bottle-Cloth is available in various forms.


The Bottle-Cloth can be placed over the bottle, or it could also be left hanging on the bucket. The emerging visible surface of the cloth (between the bottle-hole and the bottom edges of the bottle cloth) can be used completely as advertising space. This offers a variety of opportunities, for example, the name of the wine, or the name of the spirit manufacturer could be embroidered in the lower area of the cloth. On the upper area of the cloth, the name of the restaurant, the host or the motto of the event (Wine-festival, party, wedding or music event) can be embroidered. The list is near endless. The cloth is not simply printed, but embroidered with class, this will show value, not only the value of the drink, but also the event. Take a look at the samples on our website.


Bruegel de Lux



-The gifts- and promotional concept

-For all industries

-Place your ad with the “enjoyable side of life”

-Timeless, high-quality and durable

-It can be used and appreciated everyday

-Original table decoration

-No water-drops

-No wet hands while serving

-Also suitable for non-alcoholic drink bottles.

-Also for Bottle air coolers.

-Quality embroidery

-Ideal advertising medium for catering

-Events of all kinds

-Ideal advertising medium for your logo.

For commercial purposes, when 10 pieces are bought, a decorative stand is given.


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